We are all working together everyday to outperform all our rivals in every possible way. Afresh everyday…

Change happens in an overwhelming pace making it impossible to do our job the way we were doing it the day before.

Now institutions should be conceived as more honest, transparent and trustworthy by their stakeholders and brands should establish a greater than ever dialog and interaction with their consumers. We are not simply going through a digital revolution; the very medium and philosophy of communication have radically changed.

Understanding the society and its transformation and reaching the masses frustrated by information overload time and again with simple messages that manage to capture the essence of the intended communication constitute the crux of what we do at MPR.

We provide our clients integrated communication solutions with effective strategies in line with their business objectives, become the voice of the brand and create difference with real-time communication. We also work ever harder to come up with consumer inspiring ideas for the brands we serve.

We have a team with strong intellectual capital. We bring together two different generations: an experienced team that makes sure that the young members do not stray off the main path and creative young members, who were born into the digital world and hence are versed in the zeitgeist. In short, PR and digital communication are at the center of what we do.

Along with our expertise in event management, we are fully confident about the competence of our solution partners: our creative agency and our media planning and buying companies. We bring together PR, Digital, Creative and Event disciplines of communication under one guiding strategy and provide you with integrated communication solutions.

We are here as a team, who knows how to utilize wisdom, creativity and talent in accord with the zeitgeist and who creates rather than follows transformation.

Meral Saçkan
President & CEO


Meral Saçkan   President & CEO

1999 – … Lecturer at Istanbul Bilgi University
2008 – 2010 Lecturer at Istanbul Marmara University
2000 – 2002 President of TÜHİD (Turkey Public Relations Association)
2002 – … Honorary Member of TÜHİD
2004 – 2006 Founding President of İDA (Turkish Public Relations Agencies Association)
2006 – 2012 Board Member of IAA (International Advertising Association)
2015 – … Ethics Committee and Advisory Board Member of IDA
2016 – … Lecturer of Baku Business Management School